Safety Alert – Can you have Xmas drinks?

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Alcohol in the Workplace

It may be quite common to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks in the evenings or on weekends, but the topic of drinking on the job should be approached very cautiously.  There may be a time or two, where employees sharing drinks together may be acceptable, but these will probably be limited to holiday functions and the occasional after work celebration.  Employers will need to go to great lengths to ensure that employees are not placed in harm’s way while driving home from a company function as the liability could potentially fall to the employer.  The National Hospital Morbidity Database (NHMD) estimates that from 2001-2002, 7.5% of work-related injuries were alcohol related. As far as normal work hours and duties are concerned, alcoholic beverages should not be considered appropriate at any time.  Many businesses rely on employees to operate equipment, drive company vehicles and perform many other tasks that if left to cloudy decision making could lead to serious workplace injuries and increased liability for employers.  Steps should be taken to consider the potential for these scenarios and how to best prepare for dealing with situations that could arise. (more…)

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