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Successful Business Owners Talk Social Media

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Emma Bentton, Systems on a ShoestringA few weeks ago, through the course of Social Media Mastery I met Emma Bentton – a very smart operator who specialises in WHS (workplace health & safety).  Emma is a dynamic consultant who certainly is a very smart operator – and surprisingly, very social.  In the analytical, compliance based, risk averse world of WHS, she is a real live spark.  Emma loves social media and the opportunities it offers – read more below about her about her approach to Social Media and how it works in her business to drive relationships and leads.

I love to network and I love to network for business. It is not unusual for me to enter a room where I don’t know anyone and at the end of the evening I walk out with a handful of business cards. The thing about a networking function is we might only get a chance to share a few pleasantries and I might find out what you do.

After a function I rely on social media to continue those conversations. Traditionally I have tracked most my contacts down on Linkedin. But I not realise all these really interesting people I am fortunate to meet are also having great conversations on, Google+, Facebook, Twitter. So more and more I’m looking to connect with my network in more than one way.

This has challenged how I engage and use social media.  I hoped I could just focus on one or two social media platforms but I then I discovered I am missing out on new audiences, alternate conversations and therefore potential business.

I’ve recently launched a second business System on a Shoestring Systems on a Shoestring offers a complete safety system in an APP for small business.  Social media is  natural platform to engage potential users as they are typically on their smart phone or tablet. The model around this business makes it impossible to meet everyone who will purchase the product. So I am looking to build my network using social media. So I’m looking to start a conversation and build relationships with people I’ve never met.

At the moment I am refining my approach to contact my current network using traditional social media and instil some discipline around my messaging by delivering a balance between valuable information and entertainment. I like to discuss all things safety related and I’m naturally a very positive person. Unfortunately safety isn’t most people’s ideal topic of conversation let alone engaging enough especially when I decide to write about technical solutions. So I’m learning how to refine my messaging in social media and in different platforms in order to tell my story without being reliant on a doom and gloom story or a dull technician.

I’m also keeping an eye out for new and emerging trends in new social platforms including snap chat, Vibe,  instagram micro conversations that entrain and inform new audiences.  I think these will be increasing valuable for engaging younger audiences and increasingly time poor audiences.

If you’re reading this and a Small or Medium Enterprise – did you know that we must have compliance documentation around WH&S?  I didn’t – or maybe it’s an area I resisted.  Emma has put together the APP she describes and for a minimal investment – voila, we’re compliant!

So, there’s lots to learn here – both from Emma’s approach to Social Media Marketing AND on the WH&S front, make it easy and have a look at her APP – simplify where possible is what I like to run as my mantra!

Social business matters.


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